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How to use LM-Cam’s SRT and Remote Control

With the newly added Remote Control, it is now possible to control LM-Cam from a different location.

Remote Control isn’t hard to set up. Give it a try the next time you have to set up LM-Cam somewhere far from where you are overseeing all your sources.

Demo Video for Remote Control

OBS Setting

We recommend using SRT if you plan to use Remote Control.

In our example, we are using OBS to receive the SRT stream.

You can down OBS from the link below:

*Please select the appropriate OBS for your operating system.

To use SRT in OBS, create a new Media Source from within a Scene.

Uncheck “Local File”. Fill in the Input text box with your computer’s IP address and a port that you plan to use.

The IP address you use for Input will change based on the network you are using.

Within the same local network: you will need to use your local IP address and any available port. If you are running a firewall on your computer, you may have to manually open the port.

You can find out how to find your local IP address using Google.

Outside of the local network: you will need to use your network’s global IP address and any available port. If your network is behind a firewall, you will most likely have to make adjustments to ensure the port is open and properly forwarded to the computer you are using. See down below for help on how to do this.

OBS Media Source Input format:

srt://<IP address>:<port>?mode=listener

For example:


Port: 5000


Global IP and Opening Ports

Global IP: you can get your global IP address here (NordVPN - What is my IP address?). The IP address listed at the link is the IP address you will use for the Media Source Input.

Opening Ports: this can be tricky and lead to security issues if done incorrectly. There is also no standard way of opening a port, since every router/firewall is different. Please consult your router/firewall manual for instructions on how to open a port. You can also try the search term “port forwarding” at Google or any other search platform.

LM-Cam Settings

Install LM-Cam on your iPhone.

Once installed, open the menu and select SRT Caller from the Video encoding options.

For SRT Address, use the IP address and port you used above.

LM-Cam SRT Address format:

srt://<IP address from above>:<port from above>

For example:


Port: 5000


Start the SRT Stream

OBS and LM-Cam are now ready. If you start the stream from LM-Cam, you should be able to see it in OBS. If LM-Cam has difficulty connecting or the stream is blank in OBS, double-check the IP address and port. You can also try different ports.


SRT has a larger latency than NDI, but can be a better option for remote productions (some of the latency is due to the buffer).

SRT can also provide decent image quality and stability at 2Mbps (especially when using HEVC). This can be vital if you are using a wireless cellular connection and bandwidth is somewhat limited.



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