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LM-Cam Basic User Guide


12/26/2023 Update

Before Getting Started

- Wi-Fi recommended.

- Turn off Bluetooth for best results.

- We recommend that you use the latest version of iOS.

Camera Menu

Internal Menu


Color Temperature / Tint

Color Temperature and Tint settings can be manually adjusted using the sliders.

You can also choose one of the presets (light bulb, sun, cloud, fluorescent) or auto white balance (AWB).


Tap the screen once for custom mode. Tap and move the sliders for FOCUS and/or ISO to make adjustments. Tap on FOCUS and/or ISO to return to auto mode.


Move the slider up and down to adjust the aperature.

Screen Lock

Lock all the elements on the screen by tapping the lock. This will prevent accidental changes to settings in the Camera Menu.


How to set the digital zoom

Press and hold the magnification button to use the "Digital Zoom" function.

Releasing the button will set the zoom and the Digital Zoom wheel will disappear.

Mic On/Off

Tap the mic to turn the microphone on and off.

Front / Read Camera

Switch between the front and rear cameras.


By uploading a lid picture to LM-Cam, it is possible to set up a lid picture without using broadcast software. Two types of transitions can be used: cut and fade.

The maximum number of cover images that can be uploaded is 5, and the supported images are PNG and JPG. Recommended size: 1080

Internal Menu


Save video settings (ISO, FOCUS, Color Temperature, Tint, Aperture) for later use.


Grid: When turned on, grid lines can be displayed.

Status: Settings can be displayed on the display.

White Balance: Shows the white balance on the display.

Exposure: Aperture can be shown on the display.

Current Time: Clock can be shown on the display.

External Outputs

The Clean Video Output can output video, and the Audio Output can output audio.


You can select Green background or Blue background for chroma keying. You can choose between High and Low quality settings.

Camera name

Change the NDI camera name (this is the name that will be used to identify the camera in the NDI environment).

Video encoding

Select from Full NDI, HX2 HEVC, or HX2 H.264.

Note: NX2 is about 1/10 the size of Full NDI but at roughly the same quality.

- HX2 (HEVC and H.264) is only available with a subscription.

- If you are having trouble viewing HEVC video with Windows broadcast software, you can install "HEVC Video Extensions".

NDI is a video over IP protocol developed by NewTek that delivers high-quality and low-latency video. NDI HX is the latest high efficiency version of NDI that is capable of delivering high-quality video in a smaller package than Full NDI.

- When using broadcast software on Mac OS: Set Low Latency to "OFF" when using H.264, but HEVC can be used as is.

[SRT (HEVC and H.264) ]

SRT will usually have about 2-3 seconds of latency, however, it is possible to send high quality streams from outside the studio, even when using cellular data transfer options, like docomo, au, Softbank, or Rakuten.


By entering the URL and stream key, the image can be directly streamed during live broadcasts on Youtube, etc. Bitrate can be set from 1 to 20 MB.


Select a resolution.

- If you are using 4K, we recommend using HEVC.

SRT TalkBack

The function can be enabled by turning on Use Talkback via SRT.

When using TalkBack, we recommend using "Wired earphones" or "Bluetooth earphones".

Some earphones will use the Bluetooth microphone, so please select the video microphone from "Built in Microphone" or "Bluetooth Microphone" in the "Video" settings.

If TalkBack is connected normally, the message "SRT-TalkBack ONLINE" will be displayed.

Freme rate

Select a frame rate.


Select a bit rate. A higher bit rate will generally lead to a better stream quality.

Recommended bit rate for HEVC

  • 4K: around 15M

  • 1920×1080: around 9M

  • 1280×720: around 6M

  • 640×480: around 3M


When turned on, the NDI stream will be recorded. It is also possible to record the NDI stream by tapping the REC button from the Camera Menu.

It will also be possible to adjust "Video Bitrate (2 to 20 MB)" according to the application.

Remote Control

You can control LM-Cam with your browser on your PC or smartphone.

Turn your stream and/or recording on and off; adjust the ISO, tint, temperature, focus, and aperture; switch between front and rear cameras; change lenses; and mute/unmute the mic.

Recommended browsers: Chrome-based and Safari

How to Use


Q.HEVC video is not displayed by Windows broadcast software (OBS, vMix, Wirecast, etc.).

A.You need to install "HEVC Video Extensions" to use it.

Q.When using H.264 Low Latency=ON, I cannot use broadcast software on Mac OS.

A.Please set Low Latency to "OFF" when using H.264, but you can still use HEVC.



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