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How to use LM-Cam to deliver [vMix].


We will show you how to use vMix, a broadcast software developed by StudioCoast in Australia.

vMix is a paid software (free for 60 days) that supports Windows only. vMix is a very stable broadcast software for intermediate users with superior features such as slow playback. Unlike OBS, it does not require any plug-ins, so you can start using it right away.

The setup using vMix is as follows.

1.Download vMix

2.Download LM-Cam

3. vMix distribution settings

1. Download and install vMix

Download "Download vMix Software".

vMix is free to use for 60 days, after that you have to pay to use all the features. (As of July 9, 2021)

(As of July 9, 2021) *Please note that "Download vMix Desktop Capture" at the bottom of the above download page cannot be used for distribution.

2.LM-Cam Download

Only iPhone is supported.

3. vMix Delivery Settings

1. Start the camera app "LM-Cam" and tap the "red button" to start sending.

2. Start vMix and click "Add Input" in the bottom left menu.

3. Select "NDI/Desktop Capture" in the Input Select, and the input video will be displayed.

In the case of LM-Cam, by setting [Video Encoding] to "HEVC", it is possible to send the same quality of video with up to about 1/10 of the transmission volume compared to Full NDI (100M), so it can be used comfortably even in environments with low network bandwidth.

LM-Cam: Menu → NDI → Video Encoding

If the video is choppy, it is recommended to use "HEVC" which has a lower transmission volume.

HEVC video is not displayed by Windows broadcast software: If HEVC video is not displayed correctly by Windows broadcast software, install "HEVC Video Extensions" to use it. This is not necessary for Mac.

4. In the same way, you can input video from multiple camera applications.



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