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Using LM-Cam with Hardware-based Video Switchers (ATEM Mini, Roland, and others)

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

LM-Cam is an app that sends NDI video streams over the network for use in software video switchers. However, LM-Cam can also be used with hardware switchers. If you would like to expand your workflow to include LM-Cam as an option, follow the guide below.

NDI Smartphone App LM-Cam

What you need:

- iPhone 11 or better

- LM-Cam

- PC with a software video switcher installed like OBS * Note: underpowered computers can lead to performance issues (video lag, encoding problems, etc.)

- An HDMI cable

- Wi-Fi (the PC and iPhone with LM-Cam should be on the same network)

System Overview

1. Open your software video switcher and add the LM-Cam as a source. If you only need the video stream from LM-Cam, there is no need to connect your Wi-Fi access point to an actual network. The only thing that needs to be physically connected to the access point is the computer. * We highly recommend turning off Bluetooth when using LM-Cam. HEVC video encoding in LM-Cam will provide similar image quality to Full NDI (around 100Mbps), but at about 1/10 the data rate. If you are concerned about bandwidth, we recommend HEVC over Full NDI. HEVC at 10Mbps will provide about the same image quality as Full NDI.

Settings: LM-Cam: Menu -> NDI -> Video Encoding

2. Connect the PC to the hardware switcher with the HDMI cable. Depending on your display settings (Duplicate vs Extend), you will either have to select the primary display or secondary display for Full Screen output from your software switcher. LM-Cam should now appear as a source in your hardware switcher. If you are using OBS, right-click the Program window and select the appropriate Fullscreen Projector display.

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to add LM-Cam as a source to your hardware switcher. Please give LM-Cam a try if you are looking to add more sources to your workflow.

Note: the above guide does not cover frame synch issues. Please conduct your own tests since performance can vary based on wha

NDI Smartphone App LM-Cam

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