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How to use chroma key with LM-Cam

LM-Cam recently added digital green- and blue-backgrounds for use with chroma keys.

It should be easy to remove the backgrounds using most broadcast software.

First, go into LM-Cam settings and tap on Backgrounds in the Video section to view the available Background filter options. Select either Green or Blue.

OBS Settings

1. Add LM-Cam as a Video Source.

2. Right-click on the LM-Cam source and select Filter.

3. Click the + under Effects Filter and select Chroma Key.

4. Choose either Green or Blue for the Key Color Type.

NOTE: If you are using Blue, adjust the Similarity to around 200 for best results.

vMix Settings

1. Add LM-Cam as a Video Source.

2. Click on the Gear in the Video Source Window.

3. Select Colour Key in the left menu.

4. Check the box next to Colour Key, then use the Eye Dropper tool to manually select the background.

Wirecast Settings

1. Add LM-Cam as a Video Source.

2. Select the Chroma Key tab and check the box next to Use Chroma Key.

3. If necessary, manually pick a key color with the Eye Dropper tool.

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