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How to distribute using LM-Cam with [WireCast].

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

We will show you how to use WireCast, a broadcast software developed by Telestream.

WireCast is available for Windows and Mac, and although it is a paid software, the UI is clear and easy to read, making it a good broadcast for beginners. Unlike OBS, it does not require any plug-ins, so you can start using it right away.

The setup for distribution using WireCast is as follows.

1.Download WireCast

2.Download LM-Cam

3.WireCast distribution setting

1.Download and install WireCast

Download WireCast with "Start your free trial" to check the operating environment.

When you download WireCast, the watermark and sound will be added.

2.Download LM-Cam

Only iPhone is supported.

3.WireCast delivery setting

1. Start the camera application "LM-Cam" and tap the red button to start sending.

WireCast and LM-Cam need to be in the same network when sending out the video.

2. Start WireCast, and click + next to "Clear Layer" to enter NDI.

3. Select the target smartphone and input the video. (The LM-Cam video will be displayed in the "NDI Source")

In the case of LM-Cam, by setting [Video Encoding] to "HEVC", it is possible to send the same quality of video with up to about 1/10 of the transmission volume compared to Full NDI (100M), so it can be used comfortably even in environments with low network bandwidth.

LM-Cam: Menu → NDI → Video Encoding

If the video is choppy, it is recommended to use "HEVC" which has a lower transmission volume.

HEVC video is not displayed by Windows broadcast software: If HEVC video is not displayed correctly by Windows broadcast software, install "HEVC Video Extensions" to use it. This is not necessary for Mac.

(The LM-Cam video will be displayed in the "NDI source".) The above procedure will allow you to connect multiple cameras at the same time.

Once you have tested the system and it sends out video without any problems, you can purchase the paid version "By starting at $599" and enjoy streaming.

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